"597 children, to date, have received swim scholarships from the Elizabeth Bottorf Memorial Foundation!"

-Jeff Bottorf, Aug. 2014

Our Story...

You hear it on the news, someone has lost a child to a drowning accident and you say to yourself, “How could that happen, wasn’t someone watching them?” I have said it and I even made it a point to be the careful parent so that my children were safe. Well let me tell you how fast tragedy can happen to you even when you think you have done all you can do. In less than 2 minutes, your world as you know it is changed and gone. That is the length of time that it took for Elizabeth to get out of sight and get in the pool. The rest is like a never ending nightmare, only this nightmare is going to have a something good come out of it. By starting this foundation we are dedicated to raising money for swim lessons and awareness to water safety.


On this site you will learn about Elizabeth and the effect that she had on so many in the short time she was with us. You will learn about how you can help provide swim lessons for those who want them but just can’t afford them, and you will be able to keep up with the current events and news from the Annual Elizabeth Bottorf Memorial Redfish Tournaments which is the main fundraiser for this foundation.

Elizabeth Memorial Foundation

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